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The Timaru Herald
Herald Article Melly Trochez came to Timaru, New Zealand at the invitation of the Grosvenor Hotel's Ping Lim to paint a mural at the hotel and also bring a selection of prints to be auctioned off at the Women's Refuge 30th Anniversary on Friday night.


Loyola Marymount University
Trochez ArticlsTrochez, who earned her master's degree in the Marital and Family Therapy Program in the College of Communication and Fine Arts, was invited to paint the mural by Ping Lim, business development manager at the Grosvenor, after he saw her work online. They talked about ideas for the hotel and he connected her work with the women's shelter fundraiser, and what they represent.     read more...

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Johnnie L. Cochran Jr. Middle School Project:
Raul Paulino Baltazar in Collaboration with Melly Trochez

middle school project

Los Angeles, Calif.—(Press Release)— Johnnie L. Cochran Jr. Middle School is pleased to announce a major campus aesthetic renovation completed this summer by L.A. based artists Raul Paulino Baltazar and Melly Trochez.

This eight-month effort to rehabilitate the school campus was launched as a response to the heavy graffiti and vandalism throughout the school. Initially the artists began to paint over some of these hot spots for graffiti with a predetermined design only to see an immediate backlash by tagging crews.

The artists changed their approach by interviewing students, teachers and staff about what they thought best to be incorporated onto these walls, which resulted in the production of a series of murals representing concepts and ideas gathered from our diverse community. The Johnnie L. Cochran Jr. Middle School Project is a visual survey of contemporary aesthetics, ancient symbols, and mythologies exploring Chinese, Egyptian, Tibetan, Mexica, Mayan, Ndebele, Chumash, and Tongva cultures to urban and hip hop culture.

The Students and Families of Johnnie L. Cochran Middle School have made this urban renewal and rehabilitation project possible through a major gift fundraised through our student body.

Sanrio:Three Apples Artists
sanrio"My heart has always been happiest when I’m around a Sanrio store. I remember being a child and fantasizing about their grab bags, or their pencil cases and the way that their products smelled. There is a special unique quality that only Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters offer. I’m a fan of the super cute movement in art, fashion, people or anything. I secretly still buy their surprise grab bags."


humble me Melissa "Melly" Trochez isn't the only "shy girl" in Los Angeles but she's probably one of the few to have made a career out of it.