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My Bio

Born in 1978 Los Angeles, CA
BFA California State University of Fullerton
MFT Loyola Marymount University

My practice is a direct interpretation of what I see with an interest in psychoanalysis and self- reflexivity. Through critically exploring and challenging my own personal struggles, I am now able to offer my teachings as self-reflections. I explore the unconscious mind and how our behaviors contradict our thoughts.

I often paint myself in vulnerable positions and welcome discussion of how issues regarding sex and gender affect the way we interact with our own body and how we belittle ourselves for not meeting mainstream standards. I create satire and bipolar tensions between the individual experience and pop culture. For example, I contrast playful items like stickers with serious subject matter.

I choose to work with water-based paints since the range is more conducive to build and layer what evolves to a sculptural painting. Collage is also relevant in my work. I use this technique as a metaphor for structuring and piecing together my own identity.

I continue to investigate the psychophysical aspects of the arts and its ability to liberate the mind and gain inspiration from others through the process. This is evident in my self-portraits which often carry an undertone of Maslow’s hierarchy to self-actualization through fulfilling one’s needs in quest to ones fullest potential. I am also interested in the idea of collective unconsciousness proposed by Carl Jung.